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Chinese Parents.

When my parents proudly told me this story, I shook my head and thought, this is how the Chinese get their cheap reputation.  But now I look back, and I smile and wish I inherited a fraction of their thriftiness.

My parents were building a mushroom farm. Each of the 40 chambers needed vents. A contractor came by one day and offered to build one vent for free. If my parents liked it, they would pay for the other 39 rooms. They agreed and so he installed a vent, walked away expecting a phone call, but never got one.

It's just a hollow square-ish tube of metal sheets my parents said to themselves as they examined the vent. Why was the contractor asking for so much for such a simple structure? So my parents and their workers taught themselves how to make it.

And they succeeded.

In the end their vents costed about 5% of the contractor's asking price.

DIY FTW!!!!!!!


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