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Grocery Store Spotlight: PricePro


Being frugal does not mean we have to be a slave to corporate giants like Walmart. Social enterprises like the one I'm shining the spotlight on today, make it possible for us to contribute to responsible organizations whilst living on a budget. 

Out of all the grocery stores in British Columbia, I'm going to have to say that I enjoy PricePro the most.  The grocery store is for customers who: is into responsible consumerism, wants great value, practices a 100 mile diet, likes customer service.

Their prices are relatively competitive, and their quality is pretty good. Their meat is from an actual in-house butcher - not a meat cutter - and is probably the best part of the shop in terms of value. They avoid all the hormone injected animals and opt for the free range meat instead. Once I was overwhelmed by the selection (because I didn't *gasp* meal plan), and a nice gentleman (that all my single girlfriends would have loved) offered to help me out.

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