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Who am I?

This blog tells a tale of a wannabe tightwad. A young lady, a fresh graduate, who finally realized that she's spending way too much money. She's currently in transition from lavish spender to a practical and parsimonious tightwad.

She moved to the Vancity area from South Korea. However, regardless of her situation, she's determined to pay off her debts, before she takes out another chunk of loans for grad school.

So what will you be reading?

For the sake of keeping the writer on track, she'll be reporting to the world wide web the steps she's taking from spending unnecessarily.

For the sake of the readers, she'll be slowly pulling out useful information from her experiences, studies (yes I have an econ degree!) and the web, dumbing down the words (because really - a lot of pf blogs have too much jargon for the financial illiterate!) and hoping to slowly shape her readers into financially-savvy-people-who-didn't-have-to-get-a-finance-degree.