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Emergency Fund


My boyfriend has quite a bit of money saved up, and I had the comfort of knowing that should an emergency arise, he'd be there to help me. We're practically married anyways. He insists that his money is our money. I believed him, and threw my savings into my student loans. 

Simple Hot Cocoa


Once upon a time I bought natural cocoa powder to make brownies. And never used it again. Until now, using one of the most simplest but yummiest recipes. It's not only great for winter but for a rainy vancouver (which is like, every day XD)

sticking a clove of garlic in my ear


I've come down with a horrible cold. And it's accompanying ear infection. I would stop myself from coughing because the pain in the ear if I did was unbearable.

It's been a week, I've almost given up trying to treat myself, and had plans to go to the clinic this morning. I would have to be prescribed antibiotics.

Unable to sleep, I googled a home remedy. I ended up sticking a clove of mashed garlic into my ear - secured by a bandage. I know, the visual is rather silly.

4 Money Lessons for Generation Y


My parents give me sound financial advice - if grew up during their time. Let's face it, some of the fundamental money lessons that were learned from the great depression and baby boomers don't apply to generation Y. Thanks to this article, I have a clearer grasp of which of pa's advice to scrap. 

Back to Basics


I have officially moved from Korea to Canada. The last weeks in Asia, and the first weeks here have came and gone so fast! I was too busy seeing the people I love, moving into my new place, and eating all the foods that I missed, that I haven't been blogging or *gasp* watching my cash.

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