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Day 19: No Spend January


Leisure allowance
76150 won/ 75000 won(101.53%)

130750 won / 140000 won (93.4%)

It's Lunar New Years today. Some people call it Chinese New Years, but really, most of East Asia and a little bit of south east Asia celebrate it too. In Korea, it's Seollal.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special family event.

Everyone was very welcoming. At the end, I must have won the hearts of some of the family members as they hugged me and with genuine twinkling eyes, wished me a new year - in English.

Food was delicious.

Like Chinese New Years, the younger family members get money. Unlike Chinese New Years, they bow before the older members. They go through a mini-interview (or it might be just the family I observed) and then are given money. I loved the family dynamics of the celebration.

After was a famous New Years game, Yutnori. It's actually really fun, and I'm contemplating bringing the game to Canada to play with my friends.

It made me miss my family incredibly, but it was wonderful and it beats staying in front of the computer the whole day.

No expenses today ;)


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