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Slick Budget Spreadsheets

Free budget worksheets are easy to find on google, and they look like they can work...for families. I downloaded half a dozen of them before I accepted the terms that nobody is going to create a budget worksheet that suits my situation:
  • This is a single household
  • I live in Korea 
  • I do not own a home
  • I have my housing payed for by work
  • I don't have a car, pets, children
  • I only want to keep this up for five months
Although they had a plethora of categories to report my expenses into, the vital ones were missing. Not to mention, they are ugly. I don't want to be staring at a worksheet made in the 1990s every single day. 

So I decided to take it upon myself to create a personalized budget workbook through MS Excel.
I am quite proud of it too.  It not only suits my needs, it has pretty little charts and graphs to show me what's up. AND it's slicker and more modern than any of the hideous free budget spreadsheets I downloaded. 

So why budget spreadsheets? Sometimes when you are buying little things here and there, you don't realize it adds up until you look at a pretty little chart. I came to another realization: the data shows that I have really little money to work with if I want to be able to pay everything off in time. More difficult than I anticipated - especially since I'm going to Hong Kong for 10 days and a friend is coming to visit for a week!

But I will stay on my course. 

Check out my screen shots!

Most of the graphs look empty because it's only January 4th, and I haven't spent much (also, the boyfriend has been feeling sorry for my broke butt and has been helping out.)


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