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recette de la semaine: spicy mayonaise

From White on Rice Couple
I remember when I lived in Korea and scoured each large supermarket for Sriracha rooster sauce. I couldn't find it. Then I took the subway one and half hours out of town to a Vietnamese neighbourhood and scoured their stores. Couldn't find it there either.  I was devastated.

Since I've returned, I might be slightly ODing on this stuff. It's so versatile - it's great on pizza, in noodles, fried rice, soup and hotdogs - virtually anything I cook.  And it's cheap.

And only recently did I find out that it is the key ingredient to spicy mayo, samurai sauce, *insert restaruant here*'s secret sauce - whatever you want to call it. Dip it with yam fries, regular fries, stick it in your hotdog, your burger, your sandwich (think BLT! Mmm)! 

Three tablespoon mayonaise 
One tablespoon sriracha sauce 
One teaspoon lime juice 

Mix it up and enjoy! 

Now, a special section in my blog for the beloved rooster sauce: 


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